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CBI Technology Group is an industry leader in the SouthEast and Great Lakes wireless tower industry.  Our technicians are trained "Safety First", rapid response and equipped with the latest technology to assist all of our clients.






For nearly 20 years CBI Technology Group has been a leading contractor in telecommunications and information technology. We provide network infrastructure and technology solutions for our clients.  We pride ourselves on being flexible to our customer needs and offer cost-effective solutions while providing excellent customer service.



Tower, Line and Antenna 


At the heart of CBI, are our tower modifications and maintenance services. We maintain towers, lines, mount antennas, add onto existing platforms or structures, maintain and repair all aspects of tower-related devices and components. Our experienced climbers and technicians are well versed in the physical demands of tower work. We service towers, lines and antennas with strict adherence to industry guidelines, assuring safety and reliability.


Regardless of who owns what part of the tower equipment, we'll take care of it. CBI is adept at working with multiple suppliers, contractors and agencies. We mount new equipment, change out or maintain existing equipment, and test the lines and structure. We understand the considerable importance of network uptime and consistently work toward that end.




  • New/green site or collocation installation
  • Modification of monopoles, self-supporters, guy towers or stealth poles
  • Re-guy and tower alignment and tensioning
  • Inspect and repair complete RF system
  • Check and repair all grounding connections and cad welds
  • Azimuth and down tilt adjustments
  • Inspection, maintenance and repair
  • Third party audit and due diligence inspection
  • Structural inspections
  • Tower painting and weatherproofing
  • Installation, replacement or upgrade structures or equipment
  • Disaster response



At CBI we are always looking for a few good men or women.  Please download our employment application.


We offer excellent wages and work conditions.


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